The Sims Makin' Magic

The Sims Makin' Magic 1.90

This is the final expansion released for the popular simulation game The Sims 2
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This final expansion pack for the popular game which lets you create and control the lives of a virtual family of little computer people called "sims," adds plenty of new things for you and your sims to do.

Makin' Magic also lets your sims use magic spells which enhance the logic, cooking, and mechanical skills to better deal with mundane problems.
Among the spells we find some to help in the domestic tasks, to transform garden gnomos in gardeners or decorative flamenco in attractive maids, to hypnotize another Sims or even to convert a problematic neighbor into a frog. Unfortunately if we execute badly an incantation we can suffer its consequences in the shape of rain of toads, rays or snakes. Additionally, your sims can actually perform magic shows.

Among the new objects we find some that have nothing to do with the magic, as the Mediterranean kitchen, the oven (that will permit us to do our own bread) or the plantation of grapes. It also adds a new outdoor "lot" area, named Magic Town, which you can visit at any time.

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